WARM BODIES-He’s Still Dead But He’s Getting Warmer

Warm Bodies. I’ve waited all my daaaayyss. 2 days ago was the day im waiting for :’) u know why? Becoz I CAN DOWNLOAD WARM BODIES 720p from GANOOL……..AAAA ._. thank u so much for ganool, i love u ❤

Well, maybe u havent knew yet why i really want to watch this movie. Its because………………i love vampire. The first time i saw the poster of this movie, i thought that R (that pale face with the red jacket on the left side in the posters) is a vampire. I dont watch the trailer actually. Then I downloaded it. AND I REALIZED, that R isnt a vampire. HE’S A CORPSE or we call it ZOMBIE. But at the end, i dont care. He’s a zombie or a vampire, i dont mind. He’s hot. Thats what important here. Haha i love his eyes btw. I dont know they’re contact lenses or real eyes or editing from computer but they are REALLY COOL. Overall, I love Nicholas Hoult.

About JULIE, she’s pretty. VERY PRETTY. I dont know why but some scenes i thought that Julie is KRISTEN STEWART in blonde version. Her way to bite her lip, its same with KRISTEN’s when she was being Bella on TWILIGHT SAGA. I love her acting on this movie. But I love her more when she was being number 6 on I AM NUMBER FOUR (with DIANNA AGRON and ALEX PETTYFER AAA) than TERESA PALMER as Julie here. But overall, she’s not bad here. I love her hair btw. Haha. Blonde is cool, man.

I cant describe and give my opinions for all the characters because its too much. See? Too much zombies and i dont know their name. I just know that bad skulls and M (at the end he share his name as MARCUS).

Yeeyy not a bad movie. I love this. I love dramas, I love romances. You know me if u read my #100FactsAboutMe below. Hahaha well, here’s my rating for WARM BODIES He’s Still Dead But He’s Getting Warmer.