I Am Number Four

I just watched I Am Number Four. This is not my very first time to watch this movie, but my very first time to watch this movie till the end. Guess what? I was scared when I watched this movie on my very first time so I decided to sleep because I watched it alone, by myself.

I wanted to watch I am Number Four because of Dianna Agron. I really want to watch every movies when Dianna’s one of the casts. Like the next movie and in my last post, The Family or Malavita 🙂

I loved this movie. Dianna is perfect. Alex too. I loved they were together in real life actually. They’re gonna be the perfect couple. The hottest male with the prettiest female…hahaha its kinda thing.

Teresa palmer too. Haha she’s always beautiful but I think there’s something wrong with her eyes. But she looks like Kristen Stewart. I just realized it when I watched Warm Bodies. Some screens made her looks like Kristen.

But I dont really like Dianna’s act there. Its like “more more more”. It doesnt look like naturally. I dont know why but Dianna’s not too good to be an actress i guess. She’s really pro if she’s being a model hahaha

I like the story btw. But I hate the ending. Why is Sarah not go together with number 4, 6, and sam? They can live together and happily ever after. I NEED I AM NUMBER FOUR 2 ._. I mean, its like havent finished yet. Like this is the part one and they still have another part to have a happy ending. I hope so.

Then I will give my popcorn….



WARM BODIES-He’s Still Dead But He’s Getting Warmer

Warm Bodies. I’ve waited all my daaaayyss. 2 days ago was the day im waiting for :’) u know why? Becoz I CAN DOWNLOAD WARM BODIES 720p from GANOOL……..AAAA ._. thank u so much for ganool, i love u ❤

Well, maybe u havent knew yet why i really want to watch this movie. Its because………………i love vampire. The first time i saw the poster of this movie, i thought that R (that pale face with the red jacket on the left side in the posters) is a vampire. I dont watch the trailer actually. Then I downloaded it. AND I REALIZED, that R isnt a vampire. HE’S A CORPSE or we call it ZOMBIE. But at the end, i dont care. He’s a zombie or a vampire, i dont mind. He’s hot. Thats what important here. Haha i love his eyes btw. I dont know they’re contact lenses or real eyes or editing from computer but they are REALLY COOL. Overall, I love Nicholas Hoult.

About JULIE, she’s pretty. VERY PRETTY. I dont know why but some scenes i thought that Julie is KRISTEN STEWART in blonde version. Her way to bite her lip, its same with KRISTEN’s when she was being Bella on TWILIGHT SAGA. I love her acting on this movie. But I love her more when she was being number 6 on I AM NUMBER FOUR (with DIANNA AGRON and ALEX PETTYFER AAA) than TERESA PALMER as Julie here. But overall, she’s not bad here. I love her hair btw. Haha. Blonde is cool, man.

I cant describe and give my opinions for all the characters because its too much. See? Too much zombies and i dont know their name. I just know that bad skulls and M (at the end he share his name as MARCUS).

Yeeyy not a bad movie. I love this. I love dramas, I love romances. You know me if u read my #100FactsAboutMe below. Hahaha well, here’s my rating for WARM BODIES He’s Still Dead But He’s Getting Warmer.