Would You Rather

I just watched this movie. I just found it while I was searching about Brittany Snow.

This is one of Brittany’s movie. And even its just 5.8/10 on imdb (May 28th, 2013) I think this is the GREAT THRILLER movie. I love this movie SOOO much. I dont know why but I love this genres.

Well this is about Iris (Brittany Snow) had a brother named Raleigh (Logan Miller). Iris wanted to find some helps for her bro because he needs a donor of spinal cord. He was quite sick. Then she met Shepard Lambrick (Jeffrey Combs) from Raleigh’s doctor, Dr. Barden (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.). Dr. Barden won the game last year. So Lambrick asked Iris to join the game and she would have a lot of money and also the spinal cord for her bro. Then she came to the dinner or also the CRAZY game. Blablabla she won the game. But unfortunately, when she came home, Raleigh was dead. He was overdosed.

The “blablabla” on the paragraph means “if you want to know, you have to watch.” 🙂

Iris. I love Iris. Why? I love Brittany Snow. But I want her with her brown or kinda red hair. But she’s good in this movie. Its really really sad. She have to hurt people, have to kill people, and she also lost her lovely brother. I was wondering, why she can stay in the water for 2 minutes? Maybe its THE POWER OF LOVE. Because while she was in the water, she was wondering about her conversation with Raleigh. Cute isnt it? 🙂

I HAAATEEE LAMBRICK SOOO MUCH. Is he crazy or lonely or less laugh or unloved or WHAT?!? He is asdfgjkl -_-

Overall, I love it sooo much. It was great to watch this movie. And the next movie maybe will be SAW or MOTHER’S DAY haha

So this is my rate 🙂


Well, #recommended 🙂 haha

Pitch PERFECT!!!

I LOVE THIS MOVIE SOOO MUCH. I LOVE the BITCHES too haha they’re bitches. Good bitches.

When I watched this movie yesterday night, I remembered Glee. I love glee BECAUSE they are singing. Its musical. I LOVE MUSICAL. Why? Becoz there’s a story behind the songs (Glee). But its a lil bit different with Pitch Perfect. There’s no story that we have to figure out behind the songs. But its not bad. Its pretty cool, I guess.

Do u know what I love the most from Pitch Perfect? They sing acapella. Haha its funny to hear from mouth and voice, make melody, rhythm, and in some songs they were mashing it up. ITS PRETTY GOOD to people’s ears. Hahaha

Okay, lets start from Beca or Anna Kendrick. Haha she’s cool. She makes a different genres for the Bellas. The Bellas also know as their hotness, their beauty, their good-looking, and their voice. But for the NEW BELLAS, this is their year! Beca can mash up songs, she’s a dj I guess. But she has a good voice too. I love her when she sang When Im Gone a.k.a Cups Songs, and Titanium. ITS PERFECT.

I hate Aubrey. Haha she’s an evil. She feels that she’s the true one. I dont know why she feels that way. She’s bad. But in the end, God bless the Bellas so she follows their club and make a different (not being good only), especially in song, so they dont have to sing the same song twice or more hahaha. But I love the way she talks by adding a-ca-… like excuse me ~> a-ca-scuse me? hahaha its fun. Then the fat amy answered like a-ca-believe it. Hahaha she’s SO FUNNY 🙂

Fat Amy. I love her. She’s asdfghjkl FUNNY. And I love the way she did horizontal running hahaha


I hate Kimmy btw. She’s annoying. Sooo arrogant. And I dont like the riff-of. It doesnt match at each song I guess.

So this is my rate,


Its RECOMMENDED. Especially for drama’s lovers. You have to watch this. AND ALSO, in the next post, Im gonna write about some pitch perfect’s cover songs that I loved.

Despicable Me

I just watched this movie a few days ago. Haha Im too late. I know. I realize. Shut up. Haha

I dont REALLY LOVE this movie. I just love the way Gru’s going to love Agnes, Margo, and Edith. Why? Because I LOVE THE MINIONS. I WANT THE MINIONS’ SCENES. Haha I wanna hear they sing BANANA again :’)

Gru. I hate his nose. Should it be like that? -_- But I love the way he loved his three children.

AGNES! I LOVE AGNES SOOO MUCH ❤ hahaha why, because she’s cute. She said, “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” 🙂 Cute, isnt it?

Well, Im not gonna rate it as much as I rate the other fantasy movie.


Beautiful Creatures

Have u ever watch this movie? Its a good one I think. Its a fantasy, a romance, and a drama. If u havent, u SHOULD WATCH this. ITS RECOMMENDED. Hahaha

I love the story. Its like twilight saga ._. In TWILIGHT SAGA, there’s an immortal (Edward) falls in love with a mortal (Bella). Then in BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, there’s a caster (Lena) falls in love with a mortal (Ethan).

Ethan always dreams about a girl seems like Lena.

I LOVE LENA DUCHANNES. Haha she’s ridiculed. But she has a POWERFUL power.

I HATE ETHAN. Im so sorry but he’s bad. I mean, he’s not that handsome. Hahaha

BUT I love both of them. They had a pretty BIG LOVE. ITS SWEET! haha

Then I love the words in the song when Lena answered Ethan’s wish to have the snow.

When I feel u in my head, I’ll turn away to my needle and thread

Cause I was never yours to sew, and u were never mine to weave

So sad that I should go and I pretended I wanted to leave

And the dream just seems all wrong

Cute enough, heh? Hahaha I love that.

And well, this is my rate.


(500) Days of Summer

Well, its a GOOD story but i HATE the ENDING sooo MUCH. U know why? There’s no more Summer, becoz Tom met a girl named Autumn. Haha its funny. Then someday there’s gonna be a movie called (500) Days of Autumn. Haha quiet funny, huh?

I HATE summer. She’s like PHP. U know PHP? Its Pemberi Harapan Palsu in Bahasa. It means someone that gives fake hope to people. She fell in love but she doesnt want to be in a relationship. But Tom needs clarities.

I LOVE Tom. No. Not really. He’s loyal at first. But in the end, he found somebody else. If I were Tom, maybe I’ll NEVER can MOVING ON. And HE BELIEVES in LOVE. ❤

But I love one of all the conversations there.

Summer: “There’s no such thing as love, it’s fantasy.”

Tom: “Well, I think you are wrong.”

Summer: “Okay…well…what is it that I’m missing then?”

Tom: “I think you’ll know it when you feel it.”

I love that conversation haha. Well, this is my rate btw


WARM BODIES-He’s Still Dead But He’s Getting Warmer

Warm Bodies. I’ve waited all my daaaayyss. 2 days ago was the day im waiting for :’) u know why? Becoz I CAN DOWNLOAD WARM BODIES 720p from GANOOL……..AAAA ._. thank u so much for ganool, i love u ❤

Well, maybe u havent knew yet why i really want to watch this movie. Its because………………i love vampire. The first time i saw the poster of this movie, i thought that R (that pale face with the red jacket on the left side in the posters) is a vampire. I dont watch the trailer actually. Then I downloaded it. AND I REALIZED, that R isnt a vampire. HE’S A CORPSE or we call it ZOMBIE. But at the end, i dont care. He’s a zombie or a vampire, i dont mind. He’s hot. Thats what important here. Haha i love his eyes btw. I dont know they’re contact lenses or real eyes or editing from computer but they are REALLY COOL. Overall, I love Nicholas Hoult.

About JULIE, she’s pretty. VERY PRETTY. I dont know why but some scenes i thought that Julie is KRISTEN STEWART in blonde version. Her way to bite her lip, its same with KRISTEN’s when she was being Bella on TWILIGHT SAGA. I love her acting on this movie. But I love her more when she was being number 6 on I AM NUMBER FOUR (with DIANNA AGRON and ALEX PETTYFER AAA) than TERESA PALMER as Julie here. But overall, she’s not bad here. I love her hair btw. Haha. Blonde is cool, man.

I cant describe and give my opinions for all the characters because its too much. See? Too much zombies and i dont know their name. I just know that bad skulls and M (at the end he share his name as MARCUS).

Yeeyy not a bad movie. I love this. I love dramas, I love romances. You know me if u read my #100FactsAboutMe below. Hahaha well, here’s my rating for WARM BODIES He’s Still Dead But He’s Getting Warmer.

The Perks of Being A Wallflower


Ini film keluaran tahun 2012, genre nya drama/romance. Kalo mau lebih lengkapnya lagi bisa klik link ini ~> [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1659337/?ref_=sr_1]

Kemaren aku nggak ngerti maksudnya wallflower itu apa. Trus aku translate di google translate. Trus yang keluar tu artinya gadis yang duduk tanpa berdansa. Kalo aku sih ngartiinnya jadi kayak semuanya lagi ada di party apa prom night gitu. Semuanya dansa soalnya dapet pasangan. Nah si cewek ini nggak dansa soalnya nggak ada pasangan. Jadi kesannya forever alone gitu.

Nah menurutku ini film nya keren baaaanget. Kalo aku sih bakalan ndedikasiin film ini buat orang-orang yang merasa sendiri di luar sana haha. Jadi weird itu menyenangkan. Si Charlie atau Logan Lerman ini kan merasa dirinya anak aneh. Yaa buat kalian yang merasa aneh dan merasa tersingkirkan, nonton deh. Kalo udah nonton, jangan patah semangat! Kita semua pasti bisa kok punya temen yang baik 🙂

Oya bukan cuma temen :p jodoh juga bisa dateng kapan aja lho hahaha

Wreck-It Ralph


Hai hai hai haha

Hayooo siapa yang belum nonton ini? wkwk aku aja baru nonton beberapa hari yang lalu ._. Segitu ndeso nya ya ._. Yaudahlah, aku juga nunggu bluray nya, dah gitu nggak donlot sendiri, aku cuma minta ._. Ya lumayan lah, nonton gratis haha

Wreck-It Ralph. Keren sih. Aku suka haha Kakakku yang nggak begitu ngikutin kartun2 layar lebar aja suka kok. Aku sukanya sih soalnya aku jadi bisa mainan imajinasi. Jadi kemaren waktu maen di atlantis gale tu mbayangin kalo di mainan nya ini tu ada yang main beneran, kalo dah jam nya tutup mereka ngrumpi2 kayak mamah2 arisan begono haha lucu2 :3 imut aja.

Nah kalo tokohnya sih aku sukanya sama VANELLOPE :3 lope lopekk beut lah :3 aku suka waktu si vanellope nya dibilangin sapa gitu lupa kalo rambutnya tu penuh kotoran. Padahal rambutnya tu yang nempel tu permen2 :3 imut kaannn, permen dibilang kotoran coba 😦 wkwk

Trus aku naksir sama palunya Felix pa sapa itu lupa namanya ._. Ya itu lucu aja. Trus isa2ne jatuh cinta sama karakter yang diisi suara sama Jane Lynch itu wkwk imut sekali ketika mereka menikah :3

Yaahh overall good lah.

You Are The Apple of My Eye :’)


You are the apple of my eye. Siapa nggak tau film ini? AKU. Aku tau ini dari temenku. Sebelum UN 2013 kemarin April ini, aku cari2 film2 dari temen2ku. Ada yang bayar, ada yang enggak. Aku cari2 film buat biar nggak bosen waktu liburan gitu sih ceritanya. Nah film ini termasuk film yang aku dapetin secara FREE. Asik kan?

Awalnya sih aku ngremehin film ini. Jadi belom aku masukin top list buat watch list ku.  Yang masuk di top tu kan ada wreck-it ralph, iron man, alice in wonderland kemaren, dan lain lainnya lagi. Nah berhubung film ku tinggal a monster in paris, despicable me, laddaland, sama ini, jadi aku milih ini. Secaraaa…aku suka drama, dan romance wkwk keliatan drama queen banget ._.

Awalnya aku nonton ini tu agak risih gitu ya, soalnya mesum nya agak gimanaaa gitu.. Maksudnya, mesum yang gak biasa wkwk tapi lucu sih 😀 TRUS!!! aku kan nontonnya sambil diganggu Nathan, adek ku. Aku males banget sebenernya harus nemeni dia ini itu. Tapi kalo gak ditemeni ntar teriak2. Daripada papahku marah trus aku gak boleh mainan laptop lagi, jadinya aku yang ngalah buat nemenin dia maen -_-

Di tengah2 tu alurnya mulai jelas gitu. Ceritanya kayak gimana udah mulai keliatan wkwk

Kalo kalian nonton, pasti kalian nebak2 ini itu blablabla segala macem. Maksudku, nebak ntar ini bakal ngapa, sama sapa, trus yg itu bakal gimana dan sebagainya. Tapiii….berhati-hatilah dalam menebak di film ini. Film ini UNPREDICTABLE BAAAANGEEETT ._. gatau sih kalo tebakan kalian bener ya wkwk tapi aku baca di review2 di inet tu pada bilang kalo film ini bisa ditebak, tapi tebakannya salah. Nggak kayak sinetron gitu deh. wkwk

TERUUUSSS aku nangis di bagian ending. Kalian kan kenal aku gampang banget nanges, gampang terharu gitu. Trus kalian mikir filmnya ecek2 gitu. Berhati-hatilah. wkwk ini film kereeennn baaaangeett. Langsung aku rate 10/10 beneran ._. wkwk agak alay ya ._. aku suka banget aja sama endingnya. Muterin kenangan2 sama beberapa scene yang emang sengaja diilangin biar greget di ending. Pinter banget yang bikin ceritanyaaaa… keren kerenn

KUDU MASUK OSCAR wkwk ini film udah jaman kapan coba, kok aku nggak tau -_-

Overall, RECOMMENDED!!! Wkwkw coba aja nonton. Di youtube ada kok. Kalo dari laptopku nggak ada subtitle nya. Tapi kamu bisa ngeklik di caption di deket icon settings, habis itu icon buat memperbesar dan memperkecil layar gitu. Ntar kamu klik trus kamu pilih yang English, ntar keluar deh subtitle inggrisnya. Aku udah coba. Kalo diterjemahin jadinya kurang lebih sama kayak subtitle indonesia nya film di laptopku wkwk

Pokoknya wajib nonton, apalagi para drama-queen2 yg suka beginian wkwk

Alice in Wonderland


Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

One, there’s a potion that can make you shrink.

Two, and a cake that can make you grow.

Three, animals can talk.

Four, cats can disappear.

Five, there’s a place called wonderland.

Six, I can slay the Jabberwocky.

Remember that? Alice? Hatter with that hat? Iracebeth a.k.a Red Queen? Mirana a.k.a White Queen? Stayne that only have an eye (idk about the other)? White rabbit, Dormouse, Cheshire cat? Or maybe u remember Absolem, the blue caterpillar? or Frabjous day? 😀

Tanggal 30 april kemaren aku baru aja nonton alice in wonderland. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. Aku sering denger sih tentang Alice in Wonderland ini. Ya udah sempet kebayang bayang juga film nya kayak gimana. Trus artis idola aku, Dianna Agron ini juga suka yang begituan. Dia ngasih nama tumblr nya aja pake felldowntherabbithole gitu. Pertama tu cuma tau ada dari DiannaFact kalo nama tumblr nya itu diambil dari Alice yang jatoh di lubang kelinci di film Alice in Wonderland. Dari situ aku cuma ngira2 filmnya bakal gimana. Tapi yaaaa kurang lebih mirip2 lah dari apa yang aku bayangin. Aku tertarik nonton film ini tu gara2 banyak yang bilang bagus, meskipun di imdb(dot)com film ini cuma dapet rating yang nggak banyak, 6.5 dari 10. Tapi ya lumayan lah. Padahal menurutku film ini lucu lho.

Dari semua pemain yang main di film ini, aku awal film langsung suka sama Cheshire sama Iracebeth wkwk mereka lucu banget ❤

Cheshire Cat. Nggak tau kenapa aku suka sama kucing ini. Aku suka binatang, tapi nggak suka melihara binatang #FactAboutMe. Aku cuma suka liatnya aja, lucu2 gitu. Tapi kalo suruh melihara udah maleeess banget -_- oya back to the point. Cheshire tu kalo ketawa serem tapi imut tapi mengerikan tapi lucu. Nggak tau dia lahir dari binatang apa kok giginya bisa banyak begitu. Dia kalo senyum tu lucu banget, nyengir lebar gitu wkwk trus gayanya dia kalo ngilang2 tu juga lucu. Kayak lagi main petak umpet gitu wkwk

Trus Iracebeth. Mungkin kalo aku bilang Iracebeth nggak pada ngerti ya. Soalnya aku sendiri sih kalo nggak ngefans sama tokoh ini, mungkin aku juga ngertinya cuma Red Queen. Yap, red queen. Si jahat kepala besar rambut merah badan kecil mungil itu lhooo. Pertama aku ngakak. Lucu aja di luar negeri ternyata ada mainan merah-itu-jahat, putih-itu-baik. Kayak bawang merah bawang putih nggak sih? wkwk oke, red queen. Aku paling suka sama iracebeth ini. Suaranya imut :3 ngingetin aku sama guru matematika SMP ku. Kecil, suaranya juga kecil. Bedanya mungkin cuma guruku rambutnya item dan kepalanya masih di ukuran normal. Scene yang paling aku suka dari Iracebeth ini tu waktu dia ketemu sama white queen pas Alice mau ngelawan Jabberwocky itu. Waktu mereka say hello to each other. Wkwk sama scene waktu si rabbit tu ngenalin Alice ke red queen. Rabbitnya cuma bilang “Umm…” karena nggak tau mau jawab apa waktu ditanyain namanya si Alice ini siapa. Kan si rabbit itu sekongkol sama Alice, rabbitnya juga ngerti kalo red queen tau cewek itu Alice pasti ditangkep. Aduh mbibet gini. Nah pokoknya habis itu tu si red queen nganggepnya si Alice ini namanya Um. wkwk dia manggil2nya um um teros 🙂 wkwk lucu aja. Nonton bagian itu aku ketawa ngakak2. Kalo buat kalian yang tau scene ini dan nganggepnya nggak lucu juga nggak papa sih, kalo buat aku sih lucu wkwk 🙂 overall, semuanya lucu 😀

OYAAA haha dari gambar yang aku post itu, liat deh. Iracebeth loves her pig! wkwk pig yang dia jadiin sandaran waktu ketemu si Um pertama kali 🙂 wkwk

Oke segini dulu aku ceritanya wkwk kapan2 ketemu lagi.. capek ._. wkwk