Black Swan

I couldnt found download sites for this movie. Once I clicked on it, the links died. Then one day my father and I rented DVDs and I asked him to rent this one too.

I watched it on tv and the movie was incredible. I wasnt boring while watching this movie. It deserves more awards, I guess.

I love the story. About Nina, a girl that always wants her single performance on Swan Lake. I dont know why Nina always has that bad sight.

Lily was hot. HAHAHA ._. You know, Mila Kunis always has her own way to look at people PLUS her eyeliner is incisive.

Even there’s a LESBIAN scene, it doesnt matter. And even there are two or three masturbation scene, it doesnt matter. CAUSE THE MOVIE IS GREAT!! Its recommended, dudes 🙂

Well it has rate good on imdb. 8.1/10 (June 11th, 2013). So this is my rate.


IT IS PERFECT!!! Guess what, I think I DID NOT CLOSE my lips (because I was shocked in some scenes) and I think…………..I got a lil heart attack.