[Review] X-Men: Apocalypse

IMDb Rating 7.7/10 (May 22nd, 2016)

Director Bryan Singer

Release Date May 19th, 2016 (Indonesia)

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Black Swan

I couldnt found download sites for this movie. Once I clicked on it, the links died. Then one day my father and I rented DVDs and I asked him to rent this one too.

I watched it on tv and the movie was incredible. I wasnt boring while watching this movie. It deserves more awards, I guess.

I love the story. About Nina, a girl that always wants her single performance on Swan Lake. I dont know why Nina always has that bad sight.

Lily was hot. HAHAHA ._. You know, Mila Kunis always has her own way to look at people PLUS her eyeliner is incisive.

Even there’s a LESBIAN scene, it doesnt matter. And even there are two or three masturbation scene, it doesnt matter. CAUSE THE MOVIE IS GREAT!! Its recommended, dudes 🙂

Well it has rate good on imdb. 8.1/10 (June 11th, 2013). So this is my rate.


IT IS PERFECT!!! Guess what, I think I DID NOT CLOSE my lips (because I was shocked in some scenes) and I think…………..I got a lil heart attack.

Would You Rather

I just watched this movie. I just found it while I was searching about Brittany Snow.

This is one of Brittany’s movie. And even its just 5.8/10 on imdb (May 28th, 2013) I think this is the GREAT THRILLER movie. I love this movie SOOO much. I dont know why but I love this genres.

Well this is about Iris (Brittany Snow) had a brother named Raleigh (Logan Miller). Iris wanted to find some helps for her bro because he needs a donor of spinal cord. He was quite sick. Then she met Shepard Lambrick (Jeffrey Combs) from Raleigh’s doctor, Dr. Barden (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.). Dr. Barden won the game last year. So Lambrick asked Iris to join the game and she would have a lot of money and also the spinal cord for her bro. Then she came to the dinner or also the CRAZY game. Blablabla she won the game. But unfortunately, when she came home, Raleigh was dead. He was overdosed.

The “blablabla” on the paragraph means “if you want to know, you have to watch.” 🙂

Iris. I love Iris. Why? I love Brittany Snow. But I want her with her brown or kinda red hair. But she’s good in this movie. Its really really sad. She have to hurt people, have to kill people, and she also lost her lovely brother. I was wondering, why she can stay in the water for 2 minutes? Maybe its THE POWER OF LOVE. Because while she was in the water, she was wondering about her conversation with Raleigh. Cute isnt it? 🙂

I HAAATEEE LAMBRICK SOOO MUCH. Is he crazy or lonely or less laugh or unloved or WHAT?!? He is asdfgjkl -_-

Overall, I love it sooo much. It was great to watch this movie. And the next movie maybe will be SAW or MOTHER’S DAY haha

So this is my rate 🙂


Well, #recommended 🙂 haha