Beautiful Creatures

Have u ever watch this movie? Its a good one I think. Its a fantasy, a romance, and a drama. If u havent, u SHOULD WATCH this. ITS RECOMMENDED. Hahaha

I love the story. Its like twilight saga ._. In TWILIGHT SAGA, there’s an immortal (Edward) falls in love with a mortal (Bella). Then in BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, there’s a caster (Lena) falls in love with a mortal (Ethan).

Ethan always dreams about a girl seems like Lena.

I LOVE LENA DUCHANNES. Haha she’s ridiculed. But she has a POWERFUL power.

I HATE ETHAN. Im so sorry but he’s bad. I mean, he’s not that handsome. Hahaha

BUT I love both of them. They had a pretty BIG LOVE. ITS SWEET! haha

Then I love the words in the song when Lena answered Ethan’s wish to have the snow.

When I feel u in my head, I’ll turn away to my needle and thread

Cause I was never yours to sew, and u were never mine to weave

So sad that I should go and I pretended I wanted to leave

And the dream just seems all wrong

Cute enough, heh? Hahaha I love that.

And well, this is my rate.