[Review] X-Men: Apocalypse

IMDb Rating 7.7/10 (May 22nd, 2016)

Director Bryan Singer

Release Date May 19th, 2016 (Indonesia)

Hello, again! This post will tell you about my first impression of X-Men: Apocalypse. Continue reading “[Review] X-Men: Apocalypse”


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Hello, again. 😀 Dari gambar-gambar di atas, kalian pasti udah ngira-ngira nih apa yang bakal aku bahas. Apalagi judulnya yang mungkin belom pernah kalian dengar atau baca sebelumnya (karena aku nemu kata ini juga gak sengaja hihi) Gambar-gambar di atas itu semua novel series. Gambar pertama ada Divergent yang filmnya baru aja released, Insurgent, sampai Allegiant yang baru officially terbit taun lalu. Gambar kedua ada trilogy The Hunger Games, mulai dari The Hunger Games nya sendiri yang udah bikin kita terpana sama kerennya film ini, sampe Catching Fire yang gak kalah keren dan bikin penasaran, dan Mockingjay yang bakal release akhir taun ini buat part 1 nya dan part 2 nya yang bakal dirilis akhir tahun 2015 (kabarnya). Gambar ketiga ada The Maze Runner yang filmnya bakal tayang 2014 ini, The Scorch Trial, dan The Death Cure. Nah tau kenapa aku kasih gambar ini? Continue reading “Dystopia”

Black Swan

I couldnt found download sites for this movie. Once I clicked on it, the links died. Then one day my father and I rented DVDs and I asked him to rent this one too.

I watched it on tv and the movie was incredible. I wasnt boring while watching this movie. It deserves more awards, I guess.

I love the story. About Nina, a girl that always wants her single performance on Swan Lake. I dont know why Nina always has that bad sight.

Lily was hot. HAHAHA ._. You know, Mila Kunis always has her own way to look at people PLUS her eyeliner is incisive.

Even there’s a LESBIAN scene, it doesnt matter. And even there are two or three masturbation scene, it doesnt matter. CAUSE THE MOVIE IS GREAT!! Its recommended, dudes 🙂

Well it has rate good on imdb. 8.1/10 (June 11th, 2013). So this is my rate.


IT IS PERFECT!!! Guess what, I think I DID NOT CLOSE my lips (because I was shocked in some scenes) and I think…………..I got a lil heart attack.

I Am Number Four

I just watched I Am Number Four. This is not my very first time to watch this movie, but my very first time to watch this movie till the end. Guess what? I was scared when I watched this movie on my very first time so I decided to sleep because I watched it alone, by myself.

I wanted to watch I am Number Four because of Dianna Agron. I really want to watch every movies when Dianna’s one of the casts. Like the next movie and in my last post, The Family or Malavita 🙂

I loved this movie. Dianna is perfect. Alex too. I loved they were together in real life actually. They’re gonna be the perfect couple. The hottest male with the prettiest female…hahaha its kinda thing.

Teresa palmer too. Haha she’s always beautiful but I think there’s something wrong with her eyes. But she looks like Kristen Stewart. I just realized it when I watched Warm Bodies. Some screens made her looks like Kristen.

But I dont really like Dianna’s act there. Its like “more more more”. It doesnt look like naturally. I dont know why but Dianna’s not too good to be an actress i guess. She’s really pro if she’s being a model hahaha

I like the story btw. But I hate the ending. Why is Sarah not go together with number 4, 6, and sam? They can live together and happily ever after. I NEED I AM NUMBER FOUR 2 ._. I mean, its like havent finished yet. Like this is the part one and they still have another part to have a happy ending. I hope so.

Then I will give my popcorn….


The Family Movies 2013

I just scrolled my timeline on twitter then I found Dianna Agron’s tweet about a movie. She posted the poster and I saw Dianna’s there. I was shocked. I dont know what’s that but Im so excited to know that Dianna have a new movie!! Then I found Dianna’s replied Amber Riley’s tweet with Dianna’s new movie’s trailer. I watched it and………omg she’s so perfect.

Then I went in imdb(dot)com. I would find the news about this movie. Then I found the title, THE FAMILY.

I know that Dianna will have a new movie but I think the title wasnt The Family but Malavita. I was sooo happy to know that she was gonna be in malavita. And in imdb, there’s no Malavita. Then it turns out that Malavita is The Family.

Dianna tweeted, Malavita is now. And I was like, oh my God is this real life? cant wait more

I dont care about the actors, the actresses, the story or what. Every Dianna’s there and have so many screens and her name on imdb is on top, I’ll watch the movie. Just like that.

But there’s Robert De Niro, i know him on silver linings playbook btw.

AND THIS MOVIE WILL BE RELEASE ON SEPTEMBER 2013 (imdb)!!! Cant wait for this fall.

Would You Rather

I just watched this movie. I just found it while I was searching about Brittany Snow.

This is one of Brittany’s movie. And even its just 5.8/10 on imdb (May 28th, 2013) I think this is the GREAT THRILLER movie. I love this movie SOOO much. I dont know why but I love this genres.

Well this is about Iris (Brittany Snow) had a brother named Raleigh (Logan Miller). Iris wanted to find some helps for her bro because he needs a donor of spinal cord. He was quite sick. Then she met Shepard Lambrick (Jeffrey Combs) from Raleigh’s doctor, Dr. Barden (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.). Dr. Barden won the game last year. So Lambrick asked Iris to join the game and she would have a lot of money and also the spinal cord for her bro. Then she came to the dinner or also the CRAZY game. Blablabla she won the game. But unfortunately, when she came home, Raleigh was dead. He was overdosed.

The “blablabla” on the paragraph means “if you want to know, you have to watch.” 🙂

Iris. I love Iris. Why? I love Brittany Snow. But I want her with her brown or kinda red hair. But she’s good in this movie. Its really really sad. She have to hurt people, have to kill people, and she also lost her lovely brother. I was wondering, why she can stay in the water for 2 minutes? Maybe its THE POWER OF LOVE. Because while she was in the water, she was wondering about her conversation with Raleigh. Cute isnt it? 🙂

I HAAATEEE LAMBRICK SOOO MUCH. Is he crazy or lonely or less laugh or unloved or WHAT?!? He is asdfgjkl -_-

Overall, I love it sooo much. It was great to watch this movie. And the next movie maybe will be SAW or MOTHER’S DAY haha

So this is my rate 🙂


Well, #recommended 🙂 haha

Pitch PERFECT!!!

I LOVE THIS MOVIE SOOO MUCH. I LOVE the BITCHES too haha they’re bitches. Good bitches.

When I watched this movie yesterday night, I remembered Glee. I love glee BECAUSE they are singing. Its musical. I LOVE MUSICAL. Why? Becoz there’s a story behind the songs (Glee). But its a lil bit different with Pitch Perfect. There’s no story that we have to figure out behind the songs. But its not bad. Its pretty cool, I guess.

Do u know what I love the most from Pitch Perfect? They sing acapella. Haha its funny to hear from mouth and voice, make melody, rhythm, and in some songs they were mashing it up. ITS PRETTY GOOD to people’s ears. Hahaha

Okay, lets start from Beca or Anna Kendrick. Haha she’s cool. She makes a different genres for the Bellas. The Bellas also know as their hotness, their beauty, their good-looking, and their voice. But for the NEW BELLAS, this is their year! Beca can mash up songs, she’s a dj I guess. But she has a good voice too. I love her when she sang When Im Gone a.k.a Cups Songs, and Titanium. ITS PERFECT.

I hate Aubrey. Haha she’s an evil. She feels that she’s the true one. I dont know why she feels that way. She’s bad. But in the end, God bless the Bellas so she follows their club and make a different (not being good only), especially in song, so they dont have to sing the same song twice or more hahaha. But I love the way she talks by adding a-ca-… like excuse me ~> a-ca-scuse me? hahaha its fun. Then the fat amy answered like a-ca-believe it. Hahaha she’s SO FUNNY 🙂

Fat Amy. I love her. She’s asdfghjkl FUNNY. And I love the way she did horizontal running hahaha


I hate Kimmy btw. She’s annoying. Sooo arrogant. And I dont like the riff-of. It doesnt match at each song I guess.

So this is my rate,


Its RECOMMENDED. Especially for drama’s lovers. You have to watch this. AND ALSO, in the next post, Im gonna write about some pitch perfect’s cover songs that I loved.

Despicable Me

I just watched this movie a few days ago. Haha Im too late. I know. I realize. Shut up. Haha

I dont REALLY LOVE this movie. I just love the way Gru’s going to love Agnes, Margo, and Edith. Why? Because I LOVE THE MINIONS. I WANT THE MINIONS’ SCENES. Haha I wanna hear they sing BANANA again :’)

Gru. I hate his nose. Should it be like that? -_- But I love the way he loved his three children.

AGNES! I LOVE AGNES SOOO MUCH ❤ hahaha why, because she’s cute. She said, “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” 🙂 Cute, isnt it?

Well, Im not gonna rate it as much as I rate the other fantasy movie.


Beautiful Creatures

Have u ever watch this movie? Its a good one I think. Its a fantasy, a romance, and a drama. If u havent, u SHOULD WATCH this. ITS RECOMMENDED. Hahaha

I love the story. Its like twilight saga ._. In TWILIGHT SAGA, there’s an immortal (Edward) falls in love with a mortal (Bella). Then in BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, there’s a caster (Lena) falls in love with a mortal (Ethan).

Ethan always dreams about a girl seems like Lena.

I LOVE LENA DUCHANNES. Haha she’s ridiculed. But she has a POWERFUL power.

I HATE ETHAN. Im so sorry but he’s bad. I mean, he’s not that handsome. Hahaha

BUT I love both of them. They had a pretty BIG LOVE. ITS SWEET! haha

Then I love the words in the song when Lena answered Ethan’s wish to have the snow.

When I feel u in my head, I’ll turn away to my needle and thread

Cause I was never yours to sew, and u were never mine to weave

So sad that I should go and I pretended I wanted to leave

And the dream just seems all wrong

Cute enough, heh? Hahaha I love that.

And well, this is my rate.


(500) Days of Summer

Well, its a GOOD story but i HATE the ENDING sooo MUCH. U know why? There’s no more Summer, becoz Tom met a girl named Autumn. Haha its funny. Then someday there’s gonna be a movie called (500) Days of Autumn. Haha quiet funny, huh?

I HATE summer. She’s like PHP. U know PHP? Its Pemberi Harapan Palsu in Bahasa. It means someone that gives fake hope to people. She fell in love but she doesnt want to be in a relationship. But Tom needs clarities.

I LOVE Tom. No. Not really. He’s loyal at first. But in the end, he found somebody else. If I were Tom, maybe I’ll NEVER can MOVING ON. And HE BELIEVES in LOVE. ❤

But I love one of all the conversations there.

Summer: “There’s no such thing as love, it’s fantasy.”

Tom: “Well, I think you are wrong.”

Summer: “Okay…well…what is it that I’m missing then?”

Tom: “I think you’ll know it when you feel it.”

I love that conversation haha. Well, this is my rate btw