Okay. Mmm this is about nothing. I just want to share about ‘something’ that I would be sooo shy if i tell u what something is.

Im gonna share about the asdfghjkl quotes from some titles. I cant tell u what kind of titles is. Im so shy, okay hahaha

If u know what does it mean, dont judge me. Its for research 😉 hahaha

Well these are….

Everyone promises you happily ever after… but life turns into a different kind of fairy tale.


B: I met this girl. But she’s with someone else.

F: Does she love you?

B: I dont know. No… Yes… But it doesnt matter.

F: Ohh.. Its all that matters.


You make me feel something I absolutely cannot feel.


B: Dont forget me.

A: I wont remember anything else.


A: What does the lily mean?

B: The lily means……..the lily means “I dare u to love me.”


C: U need a love life.

B: I have a “like” life. It suits me fine.


D: And where did u two meet?

A: At my wedding.

E: But it such a short time. How can u be sure?

A: I knew after three seconds.

I love what I bold. The first one is I DARE YOU TO LOVE ME. Its like…..its really really sweet. And the second one is I KNEW AFTER THREE SECONDS. It always makes me feel that Im not alone. I was fallin in love at the first sight too. Maybe its no longer than three seconds.


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