Angie Admits She’s A BELIEBER!!!

It makes me crazy. U know what? I love Angie. Her voice is amazing. She’s beautiful and she has a good personal also. Then I love Justin Bieber too.

I just scrolled the youtube when I looked for Angie’s performance. Then I saw Angie’s interview by ryan seacreast for ON AIR with Ryan Seacreast with 10 questions. I watched it. And I looked at the left side on youtube and I saw Angie’s interview on the place like on the red carpet. I clicked that and I watched it because I LOVE the title with “Admits Justin Bieber Crush”.


I laugh and love when she said “secretly im a belieber”

Hahaha secretly. What did she mean? Ahaha maybe she wanted to save that fact but the reporter asked her to tell ALL the truth before the camera is on.

U know what? Its INSANEEE!!! :33

She’s GREAT and I WILL ALWAYS be a DREAMER! (dreamer is a name for Angie’s REAL fans btw)

Well overall, Im REALLY in LOVE with Angie’s VERY FIRST SINGLE, #YouSetMeFree. I play it over, over, and over again. Go go go we can make it to be #1 on iTunes 🙂

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